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Digitized carrier search is changing everyday routine for Naujasis Nevėžis.

2020-12-18 13:16

Today's carrier search process is hardly imaginable without an immense complexity: emails, messages in various apps, and never-ending calls. This is everyday life for most producers and distributors; however, increasing interest in digital logistics' solutions is slowly but surely changing industry habits.

Indeed, technological integrations help companies optimize specific logistics processes. Still, for successful growth and development of business, you need more than a computer. Business success requires a team.

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Successful collaboration begins by listening to customer needs.

Freidesk believes that successful collaboration starts from listening to your customer and firstly hearing out their expectations, their needs and the technological solution comes as a result of the conversations held. A great example of our collaboration - friendship with the biggest cereal, crisps, sweet and sour snack producer in Lithuania - Naujasis Nevėžis UAB. In the upcoming year, the company that is about to turn 30 is well known as the market leader and could be best recognized by representing a well-known brand "Oho!". Naujasis Nevėžis UAB exports its products to 52 different countries with a yearly turnover of over 10 million and growing, just like their team, which consists of more than 190 workers at the moment.

A result of our cooperation - digital solution for the effective carrier search process and quote collection. Today it is one of the central platform's features, which saves time and avoids excess communication for any shipper using the platform.

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About the client

In 30 years of its existence, UAB „Naujasis Nevėžis“ become one of the most successful cereals and snacks producers in Lithuania. The brand „Oho!“ is known and loved in the Baltics. The company's produce is exported to over 50 countries, including countries like Honk Kong, Sweden, Cyprus, Suriname, Japan, and others.

It often took up to several hours to collect quotes from different carriers, and there was less and less time left to do other work.

Almost a year ago, over the negotiation process, we got an opportunity to meet with the head of realisation department Evaldas Karvelis. He confirmed that transport search for goods transportation takes up a significant part of his working day. To communicate with carriers, the team would use email or Skype with the whole process taking up at least several hours, leaving less and less time to fulfil other responsibilities during the day.

Seeing the need for optimizing this daily time-consuming process, Evaldas wanted to try Freidesk out. Together with the shipper, we selected, connected and educated main carriers, created and optimized an easy-to-use order placing form.

After a new order is uploaded to the system, all company carriers are notified in real-time with the information regarding a shipment. After evaluating their capabilities of transporting the cargo carriers can place an offer with specific loading/unloading dates. At the same time, the shipper can use this time to take care of their ongoing tasks. In Evaldas' words: "I upload an order into the system and continue with my work. After some time I come back and accept the best offer. Now I have way more time during the day and receive offers from carriers way faster".

Naujasis Nevėžis UAB was the first company we tested working with partner carriers on the platform with. Listening, constructive criticism, and being open for change were the key factors influencing this digital solution's success and helping to save money and administrative assets. According to Evaldas: "Only two-sided cooperation makes a fast improvement."

Today, the most significant part of all of the shippers produce is transported with the help of Freidesk. Naujasis Nevėžis UAB uses the system for more time-effective carrier search and order administration, digital documentation storing, payment management, and warehouse ramp management. Solving the first problem opened a door for further collaboration which we are truly proud of today.

Andrius Liskus su Freidesk
Now I have way more time during the day and receive offers from carriers way faster
Andrius Liskus su Freidesk

Evaldas Karvelis

Head of Realisation Department, Naujasis Nevėžis UAB