Make Freight Simple.

It's time to stop juggling multiple attachments, calls and instant messages to get one FTL from A to B. Bring your shipping operations to a digital age with Freidesk. Learn more

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Quotes from reliable carriers

Only carefully vetted carriers are allowed to quote your orders. You no longer have to contact multiple carriers – just watch the quotes pouring in. Fast

Seamless document management

From order and waybill preparation to invoice collection — all your document management needs are fully covered.

Streamlined communication

Ever wondered whom to call, text or Skype regarding one of your Orders? Just click on your in-progress order and type away – it's all there.

Track and trace (coming soon)

Keep an eye on your goods in transit. Track your shipments in real-time without leaving Freidesk Envoy – it's all there on a map.

Freidesk on the go (coming soon)

Wherever you go, be on top of your shipments – chat, track and accept quotes. Nothing will slip through with Freidesk app in your hand.


A steady order supply

Get a steady stream of orders from a growing list of carefully selected shippers. Pick the best ones according to your preferences and fleet capabilities.

Quote in 3 easy steps

To quote an order on Freidesk: Click on the open order, type your price and click "Quote". Done in 16 seconds.

Seamless document management

From order processing to waybill sharing – document management was never so simple. We will never go back to paper and neither do you.

Integrated communications

With a built-in chat, you won't need to switch between email, SMS or Skype. Everything's here – including document attachments.

Teamwork. Reimagined.

Streamline operations within your team – be on top of the orders, shipments and documents when your colleague is on a holiday.