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ONTIME - real game changer for warehouse management

May 19, 2023

Business success, in many cases, depends on efficient warehouse processes. Working overtime, lack of capacities or constant delay can make a huge impact on relationships with the team and customers and significantly reflect your financial results. Freidesk “Ontime” software tool is simple to use and very practical for daily scheduling and information transfers. Let’s dive into the values companies receive after implementing this solution.

Scheduled slots for (un)loadings

Do your warehouse operators manage the continuous chaos? It’s time to take the pressure off. Scheduled (un)loading slots allow your staff and the carrier to plan and structure the time. The “Ontime” tool is intuitive and easily manageable, so not only your company can plan the work within minutes but also the carrier can be connected and book the desired slots.

By planning your warehouse workflow, you can eliminate working overtime and holding up vehicles with no available ramps for quick (un)loading. The overtime provokes dissatisfaction and increases the cost to the company of compensating the employee.

Forget the unexpected guests

Did it happen that transport arrives whenever, and you cannot (un)load it? The carrier rushes you and calls every 30 minutes, and the driver is waiting and asking for situation updates. Again, “Ontime” software is all you need. A structured and well-optimised system allows you to plan your time in minutes and share it with others. This software tool provides the opportunity for carriers, supplies and consignees, or warehouse staff,  to book a slot that suits the expected delivery time every time its needed. It eliminates unnecessary connection and disturbance by enabling the carrier. “Ontime” also allows transferring the limited access link with spot carriers and suppliers. This sharing of information let you optimise time throughout the supply chain.

Integrations with automatics make life easier

Freidesk “Ontime” software can implement smart integrations that allow you to save time and effort. For example, you can automate the gate procedures. After the carrier enters the truck’s plate number into the system, the building or warehouse gates will open automatically after the numbers are scanned. No extra calls for asking to let the truck in. No interruptions and no mistakes.

Excellent information distribution between departments

No warehouse operations can proceed without documentation. Some companies still forward emails with documents to ensure that required departments receive the information. Such process increases the likelihood of errors and takes extra time. You may say it is a matter of a few seconds, but when you add one second to the next, it can become a significant amount of time at the end of the year. We think it is no need to remind that time = money.

Freidesk can integrate the “Ontime” tool with any of your ERP systems. For example, we can make integrations so that the accountant department immediately receives all the documents after they are uploaded in Freidesk. Zero risk, no extra mouse clicks.

Share your documents online

It is time to say goodbye to old-fashioned document management. By using “Ontime” software, all the documents are uploaded to the system, so everyone, who has access can see and download them. If you want to share the information, you can do it easily with a few clicks. Forget downloading and then forwarding emails. Freidesk does all the functionalities that save time and allows to use of the advantages of the digitalisation era.

Effective warehouse management saves time and energy and improves many processes within the company. But the best news is that Freidesk and our IT professionals’ team can integrate into any system and create functionalities your company need.

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