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More automation, less work: integrations that combine effective solutions

May 19, 2023

Did you ever count how much time it takes to complete plenty of small tasks? It might seem like it takes just a few seconds, but in total, you lose precious minutes or even hours.

Freidesk is a logistics management software with smart integrations to eliminate and automate necessary tasks. Let us name a few of them that our clients appreciate:

🔹Integrations with the automatics. The Freidesk software transfers information with vehicle plate numbers after the carrier enters them into the system. When the driver arrives, a camera reads the truck's numbers and automatically lifts the gate to enter the territory of a warehouse. No extra calls and emails. Just a few clicks in the system. You can apply such principles to any automatic your company uses.

🔹Information transfer options. With Freidesk, you can program any necessary devices to transfer information within systems. For example, when transporting products such as grain and fertilisers, weight is particularly important because of the constraints on the vehicle and sometimes even the cost of the final product. We can integrate our system with scale devices to pass information to the system, which automatically fills in and does the calculation. Without extra effort, you will know the exact weight of your shipment or even the price to issue in the invoice.

🔹ERP solutions. Documentation and updates are a necessity but is it possible to make it less time-demanding? Freidesk might be integrated with any ERP system. It allows documents, price information, order statuses and other information to move and update within systems. For example, if the carrier issued the invoice or added a CMR and attached them to the Freidesk, it can be automatically transferred to your ERP system. No double jobs of forwarding it to our accountant.  

🔹Ontime (un)loadings. Optimised warehouse management is a crucial part of a successful supply process. Probably everybody had a situation when several carriers arrive to load or unload the goods, but there is no available ramp at that time. The carrier rushes managers, and the warehouse workers must stay for overtime. You might change it with Freidesk. We make integration into your system and when you make a slot for (un)loading, the carrier and the warehouse operators receive the same information. No need to communicate this several times, no queues of trucks and happy employees. Even more, the warehouse receives all the necessary information, such as carrier name, plate numbers and arrival time, and it allows to plan and prepare. No extra emails or file templates to share, just a Freidesk to do the job for you.

And that are just a few of our possibilities that allow you to save your time for more interesting and valuable tasks. Freidesk can make any integration you need. Just name it!

Wonder what integrations could make your supply and logistics management task less time-consuming? Drop us an email at, and we will come back with a customized proposal.

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