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What's the difference between the marketplace and SaaS solutions for businesses with logistics services?

March 14, 2023

The new IT solutions that solve a specific business problem every day enter the market, making our daily work increasingly digitalized and optimized. 

Freidesk is a software tool that helps businesses manage different logistics processes. Sometimes our product is confused with the marketplace solution, which just supports companies in finding random carriers. Such platforms do not guarantee that the carrier is reliable, will keep the price stable, or will not simply disappear if he can not fulfill an order in high season. So no, we are not a marketplace.

How does the marketplace differ from a SaaS solution for logistics businesses? Let's dig deeper!

A marketplace is where a company can obtain different market quotes from random carriers that can fulfill a given transport order. 


A SaaS solution is a much more complex product that may include a marketplace option, as it is in our case. Freidesk is a software solution that allows the digitization of daily logistics tasks, eliminating repetitive actions. Our product allows effortless integration into the client's business software so that information automatically reaches the right people or systems.

Freidesk is a system that allows:

✔️ plan logistics flows

✔️  work with your trusted carriers

✔️ manage tender orders

✔️ predict warehouse occupancy

✔️ give precise instructions to carriers without additional effort

✔️ manage information related to all your orders

✔️ plan the turnover of raw materials/products

✔️ select the best carrier or allocate orders according to the terms of the contract

✔️ communicate with the carrier in real-time

✔️ find all documentation in one place

✔️ integrate different systems that will allow logistics tasks to be managed via Freidesk

✔️ and much more….

With Freidesk, you get a tool that controls and optimizes logistics most profitably.

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