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A painkiller for manufacturers and traders: 3 automation solutions that reduce tedious manual work

March 14, 2023

It is not enough to say that “time is money”. What do we do to eliminate repetitive actions and tasks that waste our precious time? There is only one key: automation. Freidesk offers 3 valuable solutions to simplify logistics tasks for our clients based on their challenges.

💡 Create templates. You can easily duplicate constant or recurring product supply orders that were once placed in the Freidesk system. Eliminate needless manual filling of the same information every time.

💡 Tender order management. Do you have volume-based contracts signed with trusted carriers and fixed pricing but do not want to spend extra time calculating which partner should deliver the next shipment to fulfill your quantities commitments? After entering the basic parameters, the Freidesk algorithms automatically calculate and distribute orders to your carriers. 

What happens if the carrier cannot deliver and cancels the order? No worries. The system automatically transfers the canceled order to your next contract partner.

💡 More effective spot request management with your current logistics partners. Are you used to sending emails for your selected carriers and later receiving even more emails with prices and questions if the offer suit you? Freidesk offers a time-saving solution for managing price requests. Receive all the calculations on one page and select the best match with a single click. 

Freidesk is a software-based logistics automation solution that matters about working smart, not hard. 👌

Aren’t you tired of combining endless excel tables with different programs? Join Freidesk and spend the saved time on improvement. Contact us:

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