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No software will change the relationship between customer & carrier

March 14, 2023

We know that you might think using software makes relationships with customers cooler, but first, let’s look at it from the other side. Digitalization is our present and our tomorrow. Businesses without a minute to waste are moving toward digital solutions that might optimize their work and increase revenue. So, how relationships with customers via software can benefit the carrier?

✔️ The software does not deprive carriers of the ability to create connectivity. Freidesk has solved the need to connect in real time. Customers and carriers can chat in the system, and fast reactions and answers create trust.

✔️ Good old phone calls do not disappear. Carriers, at any time, can call the client and build a relationship as it was used to for ages because all contact details are provided in the system.

✔️ Freidesk allows for maintaining competitiveness. We face the myth that Freidesk puts a fee on all proposals carriers make, which is NOT true. No extra fees are applied while using Freidesk. You can keep your competitiveness and have every chance to cooperate and build a relationship with the customer.

✔️ You can instantly evaluate your offer against other competitors. After entering the transportation proposal, you will know how its ranking compares with other carrier rates. You can immediately improve it without waiting for the client’s response if the rate is suitable.

It is important to remember that your partner manages the orders on the other side of the platform, and your relationship can never be broken.

There is no way back from digitization because it is the future. Let’s go, step by step, together and make the most of its opportunities. The possibilities for relationship building have not disappeared with digitalization but only improved.

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