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Go towards sustainability with Freidesk

March 14, 2023

Freidesk – the logistics automation software that simplifies daily tasks and contributes to sustainability. How do we make this possible?

✔️ Reducing paper consumption. The documents, such as CMR, invoices, customs declarations, etc., are uploaded into the Freidesk system: no printing, no paper waste, and more trees saved.

✔️ Cutting CO2 emission. Precisely planned logistics avoid empty kilometers and unnecessary environmental pollution. Just-in-time solutions help to save time and money and be friendly to our planet.

✔️ Increasing productivity. Freidesk allows you to quickly schedule or make decisions in a few clicks and ensure sustainable working. Less repetitive tasks, less wasted time, and more productivity. Optimize your work and spend the saved time on value-generating tasks.

✔️ Sustainable growth. Managing processes and maintaining service quality becomes increasingly important as our company expands. In order to maintain high standards and ensure sustainable growth, we are applying KPIs to our services.

Your business future is determined by your present decisions. 

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