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Wrap of the year 2022

March 14, 2023

Each year faces us with bigger or smaller challenges and 2022 was no exception. What happened during the last year, which is worthy of sharing?

🚀 We are excited to share that in the past year, we welcomed onboard 5 well-known big brand companies from Baltics. Interested in knowing their names? Soon it will be announced, but for now, we can give you a small hint: they are coming from different industries, such as paper & plastics, the building sector, agriculture, and FMCG. We are thankful for their cooperation, together we will create something really great! 

P.s. about each of them we will speak more in detail very soon!

🚀 As well, last year we conducted a customer survey among our clients, in order to understand the quality of the services we provide. We have used a Net promoter score (NPS) for evaluation and the results were more than satisfying! We have reached a score of 71%, which shows the willingness of our customers to recommend Freidesk to others and that the product we create brings value to our beloved customers. Thank you for that!

🚀 Product-wise, we have improved a lot! Last year we have worked on both Freidesk and Ontime platforms. This time more attention was dedicated to Ontime (time slot management) tool. Our team, we have managed to create and update more than 160 features.

🚀 We were focused on all types of different integrations with smart solutions, starting from ERP and LPR to customized software providers.

🚀 Together with everyone, we felt strong standing for Ukraine and contributed not only financially, but also we were happy to welcome a few Ukrainians to join our team. 

To sum up, 2022 was super busy, but we are happy to step into a new 2023, and accept even bigger challenges. And with the help of our beloved customers, who are breathing down our neck, and the creativity of our team which makes impossible ideas - possible, we are pretty sure, we will break a leg 🔥

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